Advent 2018

From Advent Reflection by Marge Sears, December 2, 2018

"So, this Advent I want to be alert and pay attention to God’s coming in both God’s Word and in the signs of the times that God sends to me, no matter how small.  Jesus says, “When these signs begin to happen stand erect and raise your heads for your redemption is at hand.”  So, as an Advent practice, put aside distractions and take a moment or two each day to simply stand erect, head up, arms outstretched, eyes open, open our hearts and minds to the signs God will send us this day. Attentive Jesus, help me, help us this Advent to stay awake to the signs of the times in the world so that we are directed toward You, who already came, who will come and who comes continuously. Amen."