Novena for Pentecost

Come Holy Spirit!  Send forth the beam of your heavenly light.

Come, Father of the poor; Come, Giver of Gifts; Come, Light of our Hearts.

Blessed Comforter of all; Kind Guest of the Spirit; Delightful Coolness.

You are the rest in the midst of work; You are refreshment in summer heat; You are comfort in tears.

O most blessed Light; Fill the hidden places in the hearts of your faithful ones.

Without you presence human beings are empty and everything is threatening.

Wash what is soiled; Water what is dry; Heal what is wounded.

Bend what is unbending, Warm what is frozen; Rule what is unruly.

Give to your faithful ones who trust in you Your holy seven-fold gift.

Give us the fruit of our good actions; Give us a peaceful death; Give us perpetual joy.

Amen, Alleluia!

Novena begins Friday, May 31.

Happy Easter Season

Alleluia Happy Easter

Mass Times

Schedule may change for Feast Days
Saturday 5:00pm
Sunday 8:00am & 10:30am

Monday through Friday at 5:30pm
In the Parish Center Chapel. (Use side door.)

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We Worship Joyfully and Serve Humbly as the Spirit Leads Us

You are welcome!  Reflecting the welcome that Jesus Christ offers to all, Gesu Parish welcomes every person to seek full participation in our parish community and within the Body of Christ.  We believe that all are worthy of respect and love, because all are created in the image of God.  Our welcome is not limited by a person's age, sex, race, cultural background, physical or mental health or ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, social or economic situation, marital status, or faith background.  We do not seek to erase our differences.  Rather, we lovingly embrace the rich and unique dimensions within each of us, as we strive to grow together in holiness.  This is the wholeness of life.  Moving with as much understanding, compassion, and humility as we can, we journey together in a safe, positive and nurturing environment, beyond tolerance, toward mutual respect, in grateful celebration of God's creation.